How does your CX programme stack up?

Enghouse Interactive are once again leading the way in customer experience by sponsoring The 2019-20 UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide from Contact Babel. The leading analyst for the contact centre industry talked to more than 200 UK organisations and 1,000 UK consumers about the priorities and performance of their CX programmes, their technology use, investment plans and strategy. What did they find?

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Key findings of the report

  • Live telephony is still by far the largest communication channel used by customers, comprising 67% of inbound interactions. Email is second with 20%, and web chat accounts for almost 4%
  • Majority of customer experience investment is going into digital channels
  • Restrictions of legacy technology preventing particularly B2C organisations from getting a single view of customers across channels
  • Most consumers still have a preference for live agent interactions rather than automation
  • There are significant differences in channel preference by age and socio-economic group, so businesses should look to see which their own customer base prefers
  • Interaction analytics is generally said to be useful in collecting CX data

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Why read this report?

With these industry trends + insights straight from your CX peers, you will have the data to:

  • Develop innovative strategies for your customer experience platform
  • Drive closer, more valuable relationships with your customers
  • Reduce churn and increase revenue

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