Enghouse Webinar:

Fighting the impact of Coronavirus by empowering customers to self-serve

Date: Tuesday 21 April
Time: 11am
Duration: 45 min incl. Q&A

Many customer service & support teams are experiencing a significant spike in inbound calls and inquiries right now, while simultaneously managing team members having to self-isolate and working from home. The signs of pressure are there for all to see, from unprecedented wait times for those seeking benefits and support, to transport providers, banks and more. Every household and business in the UK is having to re-calibrate to find a new way forward, and it’s fair to say many organisations are struggling to provide the level of service they strive for.

Yet, there are some simple and straight forward steps companies can take, right now, to enable their customers to help themselves and others through this incredibly difficult time. Empowering customers to self-serve can solve a lot of short-term issues but crucially, re-shape the way smart businesses operate in the longer term.

Take part in our free webinar on Tuesday 21 April at 11am when CX authority Jeremy Payne talks about specific pain points that can be addressed by introducing self-service as well as the positive effect this will have on your customer experience. We will be joined by Steve Morrell from contact centre industry expert ContactBabel who will be stressing the relevance of self-service by presenting statistics and findings from the latest “The Inner Circle Guide to AI-Enabled Self-Service”.

Main topics to be discussed:

  • Reducing inbound call volume & saving costs
  • Direct access to the answers customers seek
  • Optimising your knowledge base
  • Helping each other – online communities and crowd sourcing
  • AI’s role in helping predict shortages of goods and improving supply chains
  • 5G and the next generation of phone apps

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Our Speakers

Jeremy Payne

Jeremy Payne
Group VP of Marketing & Alliances
Enghouse Interactive

Steve Morrell

Steve Morrell
Managing Director
ContactBabel Ltd